Stake and Earn Interest, or Borrow

Sundae is a decentralized liquidity market protocol built on Radix DLT, where users can participate as borrowers or suppliers. The protocol offers lending products for borrowers, and liquidity solutions for suppliers. Built on Radix DLT, the protocol offers transparency, security, and innovative solutions for traders and investors. This allows users to enjoy fast and efficient transaction processing, low fees, and transparent terms.

Redefining the Concept of Staking

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Don't let your staking rewards sit idle at the validator you've staked with ... Put them to work!

This is how:

[1] Stake >

Stake XRD at Sundae's validator node!

In return, you will receive liquid staking units (LSU's).

[2] Deposit $

Deposit the LSU's - thereby registering yourself as liquidity supplier.

In return, a unique pool NFT will be deposited to your wallet, which serves as 'proof of supply'.

[3] Earn !

Watch your rewards come to life as they are released from the validator node, pooled together, and set to work.

Lending products are issued from the pool, enabling you to earn additional interest on top of your staking rewards.

[4] Claim ...

Once your staking rewards have done their job, you can claim the following resources:

  • LSU's
  • Staking rewards
  • Interest earnings

Borrow at Sundae's

Access liquidity instantly ...

Participate in liquidity markets ...

Capitalize on price discrepancies ...

Execute trading strategies ...

And much more!

Sundae offers Flash Loans as main lending feature. Their exceptional characteristics offer endless opportunities for borrowers, traders, and investors. Flash Loans at Sundae's are accessible to everyone, anywhere, and at any given moment.

Sundae runs on Radix

Sundae is built on Radix because we firmly believe that Radix offers unparalleled levels of security, scalability, and user experience. This powerful combination provides Sundae with an outstanding foundation, allowing us to bring our vision to life.


Step by step ... One transaction at a time!

Version 1 - 15 October 2023

Sundae's first iteration of Sundae liquidity protocol will be released shortly after the Radix Babylon launch. This release will consist of the following features:

Version 1+

In the remainder of 2023, after the launch of Sundae Version 1, Sundae will prioritize the following initiatives:

Version 2, ... , n

Subsequent iterations, taking place in 2024, will expand the protocol on the following aspects (in no particular order):

Decentralized; Transparent; Secure

Sundae liquidity protocol is non-custodial. Liquidity pools and lending products are governed by the laws of smart contracts. Sundae's smart contracts are designed so that only the rightful owner can claim their portion of the pool's liquidity.